Lizlet L. Chelsie, nicknamed Liz by the others, is a tsukumogami, an inanimate object that comes to life after a hundred years. Her true form is that of an antique teacup, and she appears as a busty blonde girl with blue eyes wearing a maid's outfit. She came to Japan from England and works as a waitress at Café Relish, a popular maid café where she also resides. Liz is a self-proclaimed "Tea Sprite" due to her expertise with it (to the extent of having a garden that contains numerous types of tea leaves) and adheres to the maids' code of conduct. When Liz got suspicious of Yuto's constant watching during his first visit to the café, she believed that he was an exorcist trying to kill her with Himari as his accomplice and, in fear for her life, spiked his tea with poisonous tea leaves, which was soon foiled by Shizuku tasting it (in the anime, it makes whoever drinks it to leave her café). After her true identity was discovered during her fight with Himari, she tried to protect her real body from breaking but failed to recover it after Himari lost her grip on it until Yuto caught it at the last minute, saving her. Soon after the misunderstanding was cleared, Liz took a perverse liking to Yuto and fell in love with him, seeing him as her "significant other" and "Master" to the others' annoyance, and starts to flirt with him every time he comes to visit. Later on, she starts serving him "Milk Tea", in which she hugs her breasts every time she says it, suggesting she means her breast milk. She has a pacifistic nature and gets intimidated easily when she sees someone powerful, often resulting in her being the series' comic relief.

A picture of Lizlet from the anime version of Omamori Himari.

Liz can use her magic tea leaves to attack her opponents as well as defend herself when needed, and is shown to have feats of superhuman strength, once managing to throw Yuto at a very high altitude without much stress during his "training session". Because her human body is an illusion, she is immune to any damage caused by a bladed weapon, where it would just regenerate at the site of damage (her body, not her clothes). However, because Liz's human body is symbiotic to her real body, she feels whatever the teacup is feeling, meaning that if the teacup breaks, her human body will suffer the same fate. This was demonstrated in one chapter of the manga when Himari rubs and licks her teacup while she was sleeping, causing Liz to feel the same effects as a result.


  • Liz is one of the characters who has huge bust alongside Himari.